Mach FoX - Self Titled

by Mach FoX

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Upside Down 02:59
qlitch 03:51


Among the lifetime residents of Abyssville are those rock and rollers whose faith in the liberating rebellion of Electropunk music gets crossed up into a personal need to defy convention and authority - all authority. Clinging to icons whose cools convey a fearless sense of adventure, they are buffeted by the rigors of a lifestyle that would embalm a vampire and propelled by audience expectations of superhuman hedonism and indulgence.

Mach FoX is the quintessential Electro-Rocker, a glam punk who digs the roots, a true believer in the machine backbeat. A man who lives the music as if it means something, and gives himself over to it in a near fatal rock ritual. An Electropunk who dresses in his habit defiantly, disgustedly- like a close-fitting tattered mesh shirt, Mach and machines have become as inseperable as Mach and his old hat and goggles. Time and again, he hauls himself through the fire to prove that he is no myth- but a keeper of the flame. If Marc Bolan was the godfather of glam then Mach FoX will most certainly sire the child of Mpls. Electropunk.

In early 06' he had a new album, and bassist D-bot joined the line-up. The bands combination of confident image and a music which mixed Mach FoX's goth-tinged vocals, stabbing synths, and churning guitars, with sultry female vocals, funky bass and drum machines, had defined the bands unique style on the 2006 Mach FoX self-titled.


released April 10, 2006

all songs written by Mach FoX
except - Thee electric way - written by Mach FoX & Andrew "Naughty" Wood
Recorded @ The FoX den - Mpls. Mn. USA
Mastered by Severin24
Additional mixing on AXion/FiXion by Jaques Wait
cover art - Ivy Sendrijas




Mach FoX

Mach FoX - USA
Time warped supercharged... nightmares and lucid dreams...
not defined in black and white or color.

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